Thursday 10 March 2011

Moon Calendar 2011 at Go Gallery, Amsterdam

I subscribe to the Go Gallery's newsletter, and today I received a notification that there will be abother SIT (Freaking Sitnie) exhibition there. "Wow!" I thought. "Maggie and I are going to Amsterdam next week. What perfect timing!" Unfortunately not, however, since we leave on Saturday moring (March 19) and that's when they have the opening. Maybe, if I go there on Friday, they'll give me a sneak preview. I don't think I'll take Maggie, though. SIT is always a bit dark, and this exhibition promises to live up to his reputation, and given that it is called 'noir', you should expect it to me even more so than usual.

I still wish I'd bought one of his pieces from his 2009 (?) Unwired exhibition - the one with the pandas. (Strange thing, I just looked at my blog stats, and someone Gooogled 'unwired' earlier today, from Mexico, of all places. )

Anyway, while browsing round the Go Gallery web-site, I was reminded that they sell Moon Calendars, so, in what's become something of a tradition, here's the icon or the 2011 edition. You can buy one for as little as €11.00 from Go Gallery at, or contact
GO Gallery

Prinsengracht 64
1015 DX Amsterdam

Tel. 020-4229580
Fax 020-4229581

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