Saturday, 19 March 2011

Noir: SIT at GO GALLERY, Amsterdam

I was privileged to be given a sneak-preview of noir, SIT's new exhibition that opens today, March 19 at GO GALLERY, Prinsengracht 64, Amsterdam, and runs until the end of April.

noir #6
25/10/2011 Update: I've just received a copy of noir #6 and it looks fabulous. It's printed an really heavy art paper and the ink is soooo black. It's quite big - about 3'x2' - so will need a good space to hang it. I'll get it framed and then post a photo of how it looks in situ. Some prints are still available at, but you need to hurry since some are sold out already.

Unsurprisingly, the work is largely black - and if not as dark as unwired - still pretty uncompromising. noir appears to be about fashion, and the wrath wrought by man on the rest of animalkind in its perfection. The paintings feature beautifuly painted women, animals, and articles of fashion, which, in isolation look totally natural, but the resulting composition is anything but.

If you're coming to Amsterdam, take some time out and walk down the Prinsengracht to the GO GALLERY, but if you can't make it, visit SIT's new noir site. Prices range from about €1500 to €3500, though for those of us with smaller budgets will be able to buy a copy of the wonderfully photographed and produced show guide book, which will be available at €35 from GO GALLERY in the near future.

Many thanks to SIT, and to Faroud and Oskar for letting me take some photographs and publish them here. I hope that you think that they do the work justice. I couldn't get the white balance correct, so I developed the raw images in monochrome

For more about SIT on this blog, read this. See more of SIT's work at

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