Sunday 15 March 2009

Save Barton Farm - protest march - Winchester

A short video documenting the march held in Winchester to protest against the proposed building of 2000 houses on farmland on the edge of Winchester. It's a long story, best understood by going to

The proposal needs to be understood in the context that the land was formerly owned by Winchester College, who sold it for development to Cala Homes, so that the College could continue to 'educate' the sons of the wealthy upper class (OK - there might also be a few girls, and a few scholarships, and the kids of a few working class people) - but largely its a class thing. They don't mind sending there kids to Winchester, but they usually don't live here themselves so they don't car if they f%&ck it up for us residents.

Thanks to Rob Berry (who just happened to be busking on the High Street as the march went past) for supplying the musical background to the second half of the film. Films work so much better with music, and, as many of my regular viewers know, it's what mainly motivates me. It's really appropriate that the lyrics he's singing is "You've got to help me - I can't do this all by myself". I'm sure that's just how Gavin Blackman (the chairman of the Save Barton Farm Group) feels sometimes.

Thanks also to the lovely lady from the CPRE whose name I forget to get. Passion will out!