Thursday 23 September 2010

iPhone near-disaster

I was on the balcony of a little hotel in northern Italy a couple of weeks ago when the chair I was sitting on collapsed beneath me. About 10 minutes later, while I was recovering - I landed right on my coccyx, so the pain was pretty bad - there was a knock on the door, and one of the hotel staff appeared at the door holding my new iPhone 4 which I'd been using at the time.

She'd seen it drop through the kitchen window and went down to the street to see what it was. Switching it on, she saw that the login-in panel was in English, so since we were the only English people staying there, she figured it was mine and brought it up to me. I was still pretty shocked from the fall, so I hadn't even realized that it was missing.

It was totally unscathed - not a scratch, not a dent, screen still intact. I figure that it must have fallen in a horizontal position, and that maybe its fall was broken by first landing on the roof of one of the cars that you can see in the photo

This film below is a simulation, shot using my wife's little Lumix, though the still photo was taken using the iPhone from the balcony. And "No", my wife didn't drop the iPhone again, just to see whether it could survive twice - for the simulation we used a cigarette packet stuffed with a Zippo. As the saying goes, "I may be daft, but I'm not stupid."