Monday 25 October 2010

Chez Ben Mostafa, Essaouira

I've just found an email address written on a scrap of paper and realized that it belongs to one of the waiters at Chez Ben Mostafa in Essaouira. I took a few photos there just before I left back in June, and though I added them to me Flickr account, I hadn't added them to my blog, nor had I sent them in an email.

If you've ever been to Essauouira, you've probably walked past Chez Ben Mostafa, though you may not have stopped there for a drink or a bit to eat. Everyone has their own favourite spot, and that is our's (my wife Maggie and me, that is.) I suppose that's a good job, really - otherwise it would be even harder to get a seat there, than it usually is! Great coffee (cafe casse for me, nous-nous for Maggie) and good food too - breakfast, lunch, and dinner too.

Anyway, here are photos of some of the team. If you've been there, I'm sure you'll recognize them.


  1. Maggie's coffee should be nuss nuss. Half half in arabic. I'm beginning to think you need a interpreter John!

  2. Yes Dorothy, I think I knew that. Less a case of translation and more of transliteration. At least I've been consistent - see and

    Ciao, John

  3. Notre café préféré des vacances d'été!! Quel bel endroit magnifique et très chaleureux !!!!!