Saturday 25 June 2011

Essaouira 2011 - Maalem Hassan Boussou playing with Jacques Schwarz-Bart's Jazz-Racines Haiti

Just experienced what must be the highlight of the Essaouira 2011 festival - Maalem Hassan Boussou playing with Jacques Schwarz-Bart's Jazz-Racines Haiti. Powerful music - haunting at times - with  virtuoso performances by Brother Jacques on tenor sax, Etienne Charles on trumpet and Milan Milanovi on piano, driven along by Ari Hoenig's fearsome drumming and Reginald Washington's bass. Add to the mix the Oh yes, and Hassan Boussou, of course, who drummed and strummed and blew and sung the whole set together. Truly a night to remember. Thanks guys.

Look out for some videos of this set and the Residence that preceded it on

Update 29/06/2011

I've just got back home from the Essaouira 2011 festival and I've posted a short - 3 minute - extract from the final number of the Maalem Hassan Boussou with Jacques Schwarz Bart's Jazz Racines Haiti set as well as the whole of the second to last number. You'll notice some fur from my dead cat - hope it doesn't spoil the effect too much. The video is available in 720p HD on YouTube and the audio for the longer piece comes from my digital recorder which I'll use whenever possible since the quality is better.

Update 03/06/2011


Hamdouchia extract

Foufou Djenba 2nd last number

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