Saturday, 13 October 2007

Lolou at The Tower, Winchester

Lolou, a seven-piece band from Senegal played a wonderful set at the Tower Arts Centre, Winchester last night (as I write this, just after midnight). Lolou features a really great djembe player - Mamadou Sarr . That's a name to listen out for in the future.

Here's a playlist for the entire concert. Ten numbers and an incredible 1 hour 49 minutes (yes, 109 minutes) of great music. What a performance!

Mamadou, Kevin: If you read this - Great Set! I hope you like the recordings. The .wav files sound much better than these .mp3s, so get in touch if you'd like me to burn you a CD. (PS - Glad to hear that you liked the CDs).

I recorded the whole set as native .wav at 44.1 so they should sound pretty good. On the player above they are compressed at 96kbps (medium quality) to avoid drop-out when playing at busy times or on slow links.

For those of you with fast links, try this verison:

LOLOU: General Info
MySpace URL:

Band Members
Badou Ndiaye: Drums
Birame Seck : Lead Vocal
Mamadou Toure :Lead Vocal
Elhadji Seye : Bass
Jules Sow: Lead guitar
Kevin "Senegal": Keyboards
Mamadou Sarr : percussion [Djembe,Congas ]

UK Bookings through CTM.


  1. thank you for the recording and your kind words. I am getting gigs for Lolou. I am sure you spoke with the guys at the gig on the night and hopefully they will get back to you. best wishes for now

  2. Hi, love the music and would like to download and make a cd for the car... but how?

  3. Hi InvictaMoto,

    I keep my mp3 files for these playlists on Fileden. You'll find the whole Lolou set and lot's of great Gnaous music. Just follow the links. I'm listening to the set for the first time in a while, as I write this, so thanks for reminding me of it.

    Enjoy this music, and why not also stop over at Lolou site and say hello.

  4. I click on Lolou Sets link and go to FileDen it says:

    The folder Lolou at The Tower Winchester does not exist.