Friday 17 August 2007

Van Morrison set at the Glastonbury Extravanganza 2007

January 12th 2008 News Update
Van Morrison videos purged from Youtube. Youtube has not only removed all of my recordings of Van Morrison at the 2007 Glastonbury Extravaganza - hence this post is now entirely devoid of music - but has also removed many videos posted by other Van the Man fans and has even suspended a couple of accounts of active Van fans.

OK, I'm back now, so I'll update this new blog entry as I post each Van Morrison number from the Glastonbury Extravanganza 2007 to my YouTube channel

For a full and detailed review of the Van Morrison set, please see Patrick Maginty's excelent review which has been reposted on the Van Morrison News blog . I'd also like to thank Patrick for putting names to some of the tracks that I couldn't identify.

St James Infirmary

Stop drinking Lyrics

Beauty of the days gone by

Precious time

Tupelo honey

Why must I always explain

Brown eyed girl


Some of the photo's that I've incorporated into the videos are by Stewie, other from various web sites.

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